Taking care of your car

As a car owner but also a busy person that has work and family commitments, it is often tempting to forget about servicing your car or cars. In these days of economic austerity, there is also a financial pull to let things slide when it comes to car maintenance.

However, what you have to take into consideration is that by doing so you could be building up problems that result in massive outlays of cash. The simple answer is that you should have a maintenance plan for your car and stick to it, come what may.

Why service your vehicle?

When you service your car, you are merely making sure that everything is working to the best of its ability. You do this by replacing any part that is not fit-for-purpose (Including oil) and making sure that your vehicle’s fluid levels are where they should be. A trip to a professional is recommended, but there are things that you can do yourself. These include checking tyre pressure, water and oil, and keeping your car clean.

Why keep your car clean?

Our vehicles take a lot of damages as we drive them around. They are attacked physically by the sun, grease and dirt on the roads, salt laid down for the snow and a host of other things that will gradually damage paintwork, and corrode bodywork. It doesn’t happen overnight, but bit by bit, if you don’t wash and clean your vehicle after use, it will damage the resale value.

How often do we clean?

How often you wash depends on where you live, how frequently you use your car, and the conditions you drive in. These days there are many car wash facilities to take your car, but many people find the whole act of cleaning to be therapeutic, and enjoy doing it. A steam clean underneath from time to time should also be part of your cleaning programme, and don’t forget the cabin. Don’t treat the inside of your vehicle as a rubbish tip, and get into good habits of cleaning it regularly. This means vacuuming and washing carpets. Again, this can be done professionally, or you can do it yourself. A tip that may help is to do a combination of cleaning yourself, and the occasional monthly or quarterly trip to your local car wash for a professional finish inside and out.