Good tires for your car

It’s an often-overlooked fact that the most critical components in a car in terms of safety are the tires. They’re the only parts of the car that actually come into contact with the road, and so they have to be more than capable of dealing with its hard surface in a way that ensures a smooth and safe journey.

Fortunately, tire manufacturers have made great strides over the years, and the materials used in modern tires are superior to those used 50 years ago. The most notable improvements are:


The tread is the patterned part of the outer rim of the tire. Its job is to provide traction. With the tire inflated to the recommended air pressure, the tread will efficiently grip the road surface and prevent skidding. As it’s the only part of the tire that is in contact with the road, it’s the first part to wear out. Good tires have an efficient tread design that not only keeps the car grounded but also doesn’t wear out too quickly. As the UK government website‘s traffic section makes clear, a worn tread is not only highly dangerous, it’s also illegal.


Good quality tires use materials that are manufactured to achieve the best combination of strength and flexibility. When inflated to the optimum pressure, a good tyre, according to, will perform at its best and provide a ride that is not only smoother and quieter but also safer and more economical.

Always buy good tires even though they’re more expensive. Tires from a reputable manufacturer are guaranteed to be of a high standard of quality. Cheaper alternatives from obscure sources may be tempting, but don’t skimp on tires. You and your passengers could seriously regret it one day.